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Welcome to Your New Merida Adventure with Merida Moves

Hey There! Ready to Make Merida Your New Home?

Welcome to Merida Moves, where your dream of living in Merida, Mexico, becomes a breeze, thanks to Barbara Blanco, aka Barby. 

She’s not just any contracts lawyer and relocation specialist; she’s your new best friend in making Merida your home.

With Barby’s unique blend of legal smarts and insider knowledge of Yucatan’s culture, she’s here to help retirees, families, and just about anyone ready for a change of scenery.


What We Do at Merida Moves

Making Contracts
Less Scary

Legal stuff in a new country can be a headache, right? Well, not with Barby. She's got your back, making sure you understand every word of your contracts. It's like having a legal eagle by your side.

Find Your
Dream Home

Merida's neighborhoods are like a box of chocolates, each with its own flavor. Whether you're into the historic vibes of Centro or the chill lifestyle in North Merida, we'll find you a place that feels just right.


Visa paperwork can feel like a maze. But guess what? Barby knows all the shortcuts. She'll have you sipping margaritas by the beach with your visa sorted in no time.

See Merida
Like a Local

Get ready to explore Merida like you've never seen it before. Barby's tours are like walking through a living history book, with insider stories you won't find anywhere else.

Why Merida's Your Next Home

Culture Galore

Merida isn’t just a city; it’s a cultural powerhouse. From jaw-dropping dances at the Lunes de Vaquería to the thrilling Pok Ta Pok game, every week is a new adventure. And the food? Get ready for some serious yum!

City Life, Made Easy

Imagine living in a city where you can walk to everything. That’s Merida for you, especially in the Centro Historico. It’s got all the modern stuff you need, without losing its old-world charm.

Expats Love It Here!

Did you know Merida is super popular with expats? It’s safe, affordable, and the locals are the friendliest you’ll meet. Plus, with so many expats around, you’ll always find someone to chat with.


What My Clients Say

A Little

Guess who’s been on House Hunters International not once, but five times? 

Yep, our very own Barby! 

She’s pretty much a celeb in the expat world here. So, when we say you’re in good hands, we mean it.

Start Your Merida Journey with Merida Moves

Ready to join the happy folks who’ve made the leap to Merida with Merida Moves? With Barby’s help, you’re not just moving; you’re starting an exciting new chapter filled with culture, comfort, and loads of fun.
Drop us a line, and let’s chat about how we can make Merida your new home sweet home!

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