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Merida Moves was founded in 2018 with a heartfelt mission: to help newcomers navigate their journey to calling Merida, Mexico, their home. What started as a personal endeavor by our founder, Barby Blanco, to assist friends in finding homes and settling into the vibrant life of Merida, quickly evolved into a full-fledged service for those looking to make this enchanting city their own.

Witnessing the city through the fresh eyes of newcomers, Barby realized the unique challenges and obstacles they faced. Acting as a transition mentor, she offered her guidance, understanding, and local insights to ease their journey into a new culture and community.

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The spark that ignited from helping friends soon transformed into a beacon for many. Through word of mouth, the circle of those seeking Barby’s expertise expanded, drawing in a diverse clientele, including noted individuals like Amoya Shante from Single Moms Do Travel, and the adventurous Nate & Cassie from Native Nomads. To date, Merida Moves has proudly assisted over 100 clients, ranging from retirees and families to solo adventurers, in finding their perfect spot in Merida. Our services extend beyond mere house hunting; we provide neighborhood tours, immigration assistance, and a friendly hand to hold throughout the entire process. At Merida Moves, we believe in making every client feel like they’re not navigating this new chapter alone – with Barby, they always have a guide, a mentor, and a friend in Merida.


What OUR Clients Say

We just had a great experience with Barbara and the Mérida Moves team. They made what could be a really complicated process quite easy for us, demonstrating great knowledge of the area and lots of patience, since we changed our minds more than a few times. We highly recommend their services and will definitely reach out to her if we ever decide to relocate in Mérida again!
Marcelo Lima​
I highly recommend Barby! she helped me find a beautiful 8 bedroom home in my budget and I couldn't be happier. She caught something on the lease I wouldn't have before I signed which ended up saving me a ton of money! I am so appreciative of people like Barby. She is like family now.
Amoya Shante​


Barby Blanco, the heart and soul behind Merida Moves, embodies the essence of Yucatan. 

As a proud Yucatecan, devoted mother to two growing boys, and an integral member of a large, loving Yucatecan family, Barby’s life is deeply intertwined with the culture and traditions of her homeland. 

Her passion for sharing this rich heritage with others is at the core of her work and personal life.

With a law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY), Barby’s professional expertise in relocation and real estate is matched by her commitment to making her clients feel at home in Merida. 

Her approach goes beyond business transactions; it’s about fostering connections, sharing experiences, and integrating clients into the local community. 

Barby takes great joy in opening her home for traditional celebrations like Hanal Pixán, inviting clients to join her family in these deeply cultural gatherings. These moments are not just about sharing Yucatecan customs but about creating a sense of belonging and family among her clients.

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