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Chris St

I recently used Mérida Moves to help me find a new home and navigate the process of translating important documents for my move. I cannot recommend them highly enough! From the very beginning, the team was incredibly helpful and professional, guiding me through every step of the process with ease.

What I appreciated most was their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that everything was done correctly. They took the time to understand my specific needs and preferences, and worked tirelessly to help me find the perfect home in Mérida.

In addition, they provided invaluable assistance with translating important documents, which made the entire process much smoother and less stressful. 

Overall, I had an excellent experience with Mérida Moves and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance with finding a new home and navigating the intricacies of moving to Mérida. Thank you, Barbara, for making my relocation such a positive experience!


Ci Brown

Hey Barb

I have used her twice, she comes highly recommended 🤎 

Thank you again for everything today

Marcelo Lima

We just had a great experience with Barbara and the Mérida Moves team. They made what could be a really complicated process quite easy for us, demonstrating great knowledge of the area and lots of patience, since we changed our minds more than a few times. We highly recommend their services and will definitely reach out to her if we ever decide to relocate in Mérida again!

Anna Adamczyk

When we decided to move to Mérida we contacted several different agencies providing a similar service. We chose Barbara and are so glad we did! Barbara is funny and down to earth and a real pleasure to deal with. She is also a true professional who knows the city like the back of her hand and works tirelessly for her clients. In three days Barbara found us the perfect house and walked us through the process until we had the keys in hand. We highly recommend Barbara and her team at Merida Moves!

Amoya Shante

I highly recommend Barby! she helped me find a beautiful 8 bedroom home in my budget and I couldn’t be happier. She caught something on the lease I wouldn’t have before I signed which ended up saving me a ton of money! I am so appreciative of people like Barby. She is like family now.

Dvorah Corban

Barbara is just amazing!!! Her services are outstanding and reliable. Great experience

Joseph D’amico

perfect experience, they are the best.

Kay Arrington

This is long overdue, but I can’t recommend Mérida Moves enough for a variety of services! I came to Mérida a month ago unsure of how to navigate the scene when it came to housing and the residency process and they made both manageable and quick. 

The housing process: temporarily relocating to a new country can be intimidating and I had heard a lot of different barriers that can present themselves. Barbara and a wonderful teammate David do the heavy lifting for you making sure your main priority is finding a spot you love. They take the time to figure out what you want, your budget, etc. and then offer you a curated list of homes that you may want to move forward with. They found us a GORGEOUS home on the first day and were able to work out things in our favor to get it furnished. Yeah, they’re the bomb! Barbara sat with us through the signing process and ensured everything was as promised and to make sure we were aware of what was being signed. I believe The housing contracts/ leases  are only valid if in Spanish so don’t get caught slipping especially if you don’t know Spanish lol. She had us in the House of our dreams in a week! Talk about quick turnaround! It didn’t just stop there, they were a wealth of knowledge when it came to the little ins and outs of living in Mérida.

Residency- You’ve probably heard that getting temporary residency can be a bit of a headache and can lead to countless visits to their immigration office if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Y’all, pay 👏🏽Mérida 👏🏽Moves 👏🏽to 👏🏽help 👏🏽you. The team made sure we had every last necessary document to handle this and were prepared for our visit to the headquarters where we received our temporary residency card information in next to no time. The longest part of this process was waiting at the office and Mérida Moves was only a few steps away outside in case we needed any assistance in the midst of the process. 

Needles to say, if you’re moving to Mérida or have been here for a while, def take advantage of their services. If you’re like me and want to choose ease especially in this new chapter, then this is the way you need to go. They’re not only professional, but they’re friendly people with amazing energy. 5/5 would recommend and look forward to using one of their many services in the future!


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